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The Hunter & The Hunted

Dean Winchester & Alex Krycek

The Hunter and The Hunted
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Made from photos by art_of_mayhem and by candygramme

This community is mostly dedicated to fanfic of Dean Winchester from Supernatural and of Alex Krycek from the X-Files. The stories contained within will at times have various ratings, from G to NC-17, mostly if not all Slash work. If you are under the age of 17 and might find it offensive for M/M pairing, please do not try to join this community.

Please, when posting replies, be nice, play well with others but if you don't and there is a complaint, I will take both sides into consideration and depending, there can be possible banning from the community. Basicly, use good internet manners, please and thank you.

Note: Everything writen was not done for profit, just fun. All characters used if belonging to Chris Carter, or Erik and CW, are their property, no copy write infridgements were intended. Again, just done for fun and no money was made on it.